Take Me Out To The Ball Game! by Sam Deming

Reiss Design Studio recently enjoyed a team outing to support our local San Luis Obispo Blues Baseball Team. The game was exciting and very engaging with the crowd: there were multiple giveaways, contests and on-field events for the kids. It was great seeing our team win and having the game close out with firework show, which was a blast and the perfect ending to a fantastic experience! 

Blues Baseball was founded in 1946 by Sandy Leguina, manager of the team. The team consisted mostly of World War 2 veterans who wanted to play baseball after coming back home to SLO. Originally the team was named the Merchants but after a couple of weeks into their first season a local sports editor of the Telegram-Tribune, George Baker, renamed their name to the Blues after their blue lettering and blue stockings. George said that any team worth anything needs a colorful name. The team now competes in the California Collegiate League (CCL) and is ranked among the top 25 teams nationally from a field of over 260 teams.


RDS Team Luncheon by Sam Deming

Here at Reiss Design Studio we enjoy wine and cultivating a team atmosphere. Our most recent team luncheon featured a vibrant 2015 Chardonnay from our clients and friends at, Pence Ranch Winery. It was crisp, the perfect amount of sweet, and paired wonderfully with our charcuterie platter.

Flavorful discussion of fun upcoming projects was the perfect compliment to great food and great company!


The White Barn by Sam Deming

Last Month, The Venue Report released it's list of "90 Most Beautiful Barn Venues in the USA", and The White Barn in Edna Valley was voted #43! We are excited to share in celebrating this news with The White Barn and San Luis Obispo County.

With their cozy farmhouse located among pristine vineyards and farmland and a stunning white facade and accented doors for those jaw-dropping wedding photos, there is no shortage of beauty at this venue! 

West Coast Wine Regions by Sam Deming

The primarily Mediterranean climate of California has allowed the state to become a leading producer of wine both nationally and globally. Over 50 percent of all wine produced in the United States comes from Californian vineyards. Currently, California is home to approximately 4,000 wineries that occupy a variety of wine regions within the state.


The North Coast wine region encompasses the area north of the San Francisco Bay. Most notable are the Napa Valley and Sonoma County wine regions, whose total number of wineries equals nearly 900, almost one-quarter the total number of California's wineries. The North Coast wine region features a variety of wine grapes, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Zinfandel, and many more.


The Inland Valley of California, specifically the San Joaquin Valley, is rather famous for its outstanding agricultural production in general, not just its wine. The fertile soil and climate make the the region one of the leading agricultural areas in the world. The Inland Valley wine region stretches all the way from Shasta to Bakersfield. 


The Sierra Foothills are located further inland in California near Yosemite National Park and Lake Tahoe. Wine production began in this region during the California Gold Rush. Today, over 200 wineries are located within the Sierra Foothills wine region.


Stretching from Monterey County down to Santa Barbara County, the Central Coast Wine Region occupies roughly 250 miles of the California coastline. These coastal wine areas are ideal for world-class production, due to the climate and the variety of topography and soils. San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties dedicate over 90,000 acres of land to wine production.

Happy Birthday Rosana! by Sam Deming


One of our team member's birthdays is on Easter, so we had a combined celebration of both events. Rosana received a balloon, card and her favorite desert, red velvet cupcakes.

We then hopped right into an Easter egg hunt, coordinated by Sam, our amazing office administrator. Sam wrote out clues for each person that had us searching high and low for our treasures.

We love celebrating special events at Reiss Design Studio and look forward to many more holidays this year! 



Lori Lopez is Reiss Design Studio's newest architectural drafter, and will be heavily involved in all phases of project delivery—from pre-design through project close-out.  Lori is in her fourth year at Cal Poly. Her interest in sustainable design as well as creating affordable housing for families make her a valuable member of the RDS team. 

Lori was born in Rota, Spain and has spent time in Florida, New York, Colorado, and Washington. Lori and her husband have ultimately found their home on the California Coast. They love hiking and sampling the delicious foods the central coast has to offer. 

We are proud to welcome such a valued member to our team!

Locked Inn - Escape Room by Sam Deming

The Locked Inn was an amazing escape room experience! It was a great team building exercise working together to solve all of the clues. The owners have done an incredible job putting together a fun and creative atmosphere. They go above and beyond in their hospitality and have a great passion for what they do; it definitely does not go unnoticed. 

We will be back soon for another round of fun, laughter, and thinking outside of the box!

By the way, our team eventually escaped, but it took six extra minutes!