Harvest Time is Winery Time / by Shana Reiss

In the spirit of Harvest 2015, we will do a few posts on our favorite winery clients! Today, we bring you...

Sextant Wines

It has been a privilege to work with Craig and Nancy Stoller to design their estate winery on Highway 46 in Paso Robles, California. This partially subterranean facility is built into a hillside, which helps maintain a consistent temperature within the wine processing portion of the building (located on the lower level). The upper level is home to a dramatic tasting room with viewing windows to the fermentation room, barrel room, and crush pad, allowing visitors to see the wine making process first hand. Step outside for breathtaking views of the Paso Robles Willow Creek District AVA. Craig and Nancy have roots in the nursery world, so you can expect to find unique varietals not available at other wineries. Not only does Sextant earn accolades for their fantastic wine, but they put on magnificent parties for their club members (obvious from the crush pad picture below) and treat their tasting room visitors to an experience unlike anything else in Paso Robles. Sextant Wines should definitely have a top spot on your Harvest 2015 wine tour list!