Patmos School - Boma Ng'Ombe, Tanzania / by Shana Reiss

This humanitarian project is located in Boma Ng'Ombe, Tanzania. A group of dedicated Christian teachers wanted to create a secondary school for young adults that have been “left behind” in the public school system due to illness, orphanhood, or other unfortunate events. The overall site concept focuses on a design with a cross at the center. The elevated chapel is at the head of the cross, serving as the focal point of the school. Public and private areas of the site are hinged on the semi-public classroom area. The first phase of the project is currently under construction with three classrooms and two toilet facilities completed.   

In a letter on August 3, 2012 from our project leader in Boma Ng’Ombe:

Dear Shana,

Greetings in Jesus precious name.

I am very grateful to God and thank you so much for the plans, ruler and the calculator. I have no enough words to express my sincere appreciation for the great service you have rendered to patmos school. I know how expensive it is to have these designs and the amount of time you spent in developing them. It is a multimillion work and only God can pay back in His own way and time. We are praying for God to give us a sincere local architect to put the structures in their appropriate position. However, Jeremy shared with me that his father in law will be coming next month and since is an engineer they will share with him if during his stay he can help in putting the marks on where each building will be built to easen the work and laying it in a perfect way. 

I received all the plans safely and Trisha gave me all the information on how to use them. Thank you so much. 

Yours in His service

Kiloory S