Take Me Out To The Ball Game! / by Sam Deming

Reiss Design Studio recently enjoyed a team outing to support our local San Luis Obispo Blues Baseball Team. The game was exciting and very engaging with the crowd: there were multiple giveaways, contests and on-field events for the kids. It was great seeing our team win and having the game close out with firework show, which was a blast and the perfect ending to a fantastic experience! 

Blues Baseball was founded in 1946 by Sandy Leguina, manager of the team. The team consisted mostly of World War 2 veterans who wanted to play baseball after coming back home to SLO. Originally the team was named the Merchants but after a couple of weeks into their first season a local sports editor of the Telegram-Tribune, George Baker, renamed their name to the Blues after their blue lettering and blue stockings. George said that any team worth anything needs a colorful name. The team now competes in the California Collegiate League (CCL) and is ranked among the top 25 teams nationally from a field of over 260 teams.