Architecture is about people. It is about meeting needs, creating experiences, and inspiring action.
— Shana Reiss

Humanitarian Architecture

The team at Reiss Design Studio is so blessed to live in this time and place–it is our responsibility to give back to others. Our team is encouraged to be active in humanitarian architecture throughout the world and use the gifts that we have been given to improve the lives of other people. Shelter is a basic human need, but architecture can change a simple structure into a special place that brings comfort and hope in even the most desperate situations. Please visit Reiss Design Studio's blog for information about specific projects.

Community Outreach

By interacting with students (grade school through graduate school), Reiss Design Studio endeavors to share knowledge, inspire creativity, and encourage the next generation of architects, builders, and engineers. Shana Reiss, Principal Architect, has had the opportunity to teach elementary students about neighborhood design, facilitate "green" educational tours at Niner Wine Estates, and provide feedback to college students during architectural critiques. Reiss Design Studio is also passionate about mentoring young professionals through the architectural licensing process. Please visit Reiss Design Studio's blog for resources relevant to architectural licensure, green building, humanitarian architecture, and more!