Residential Architecture

Custom homes are special, due to the personalization that occurs. Owners often have clear ideas of elements to include and omit in their "dream home" and need an architect to piece together the vision, bring design expertise, and provide guidance through the regulation process of governing jurisdictions. Whether the design intent is contemporary or traditional, expansive or modest, Reiss Design Studio brings experience, design sophistication, and excellent communication to the team. Creation of a residential space that exceeds the owner’s expectations brings unique satisfaction because of the personal impact of the project.

Reiss Design Studio also understands the importance of design on a budget. Good design does not need to be expensive, and there are many ways to add value to a project without increasing the budget–such as site orientation, utilization of natural light and views, unique material use, and efficient layouts. Coordination with the contractor, early and often in the design process, allows for cost analysis and the ability to make selections based on overall budget impact.

By collaborating with developers and non-profits like Habitat for Humanity and Victory Outreach, Reiss Design Studio designs housing options and neighborhoods that benefit the community and the end users. Speculation homes and multi-family projects provide an opportunity to deliver great design to a wide demographic.