Home to over 800 wineries, Washington has produced millions of gallons of wine annually for the past several decades. A small percentage of wine production occurs in the western half of Washington, with almost all wine production occurring on the east of the Cascade Mountains where the climate is drier.

The Columbia Valley wine region is located in Eastern Washington and is the largest in the state, including over 40,000 acres of vineyards. The continental climate of this wine region yields grapes that give Washington wines their characteristic taste.

Yakima Valley wine region is found in the Columbia Valley. With more than 11,000 acres of vineyards, Yakima Valley wine region produces nearly 40 percent of Washington's annual wine production and is home to more wineries than any other region in Washington. Yakima Valley's cool climate makes Chardonnay a favored choice for planting.

Like Yakima Valley, the Walla Walla wine region is located in the Columbia Valley. This wine region contains the second largest number of vineyards and wineries in Washington. 41 percent of vineyards in this region are Cabernet Sauvignon, a popular and widely consumed wine in Walla Walla.

Puget Sound is the only wine region in Washington located west of the Cascade Mountains. Because 80 percent of Washington's population lives in the western half of the state, Puget Sound wines cater to most of Washington's residents. Although this wine region contains many wineries, most of these wineries obtain their grapes from the vineyards in Eastern Washington.

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