Winery Architecture

Wine production and wine-related tourism have exponentially increased in the last decade. Now, more than ever, "informed design" of winery facilities is a necessity. The consumer expects a unique visitor experience and an award-winning product that represents their values. Winery design encompasses both the production and presentation of the product. Reiss Design Studio specializes in the design and integration of these components.

Production facilities are technical in their design–based upon fruit throughput and processing requirements as set forth by the owner and winemaker. The quality of the finished consumable product depends heavily upon the architectural design. Specification of materials and systems, organization of the adjacencies within the facility, design capacity of the facility, and overall usability of the winery will be determining factors in the success of the brand. Worker health and safety, product movement, energy costs, construction costs, quality controls, and specific winemaking processes and preferences are all taken into consideration.

Wine tasting and hospitality functions have become an important part of bringing the finished consumable product to market. Just as every bottle of wine is unique, the consumer expects the story behind the product to be unique. That story is told through creating a user experience that is representative of the wine, winemaker, founding principles, and legacy of the brand. Reiss Design Studio specializes in designing facilities that integrate the winemaking process and product delivery with the story.

Reiss Design Studio will work with owners at any stage of the design process, but it is best to be involved as early as possible to begin the programming for the facility. Programming entails thorough planning for the major components of the project. This process involves the architect, owner, winemaker, government agencies, and specialty consultants to obtain full understanding of the desired location, fruit varietals, case capacity, winemaker operational techniques, crush and fermentation equipment, space adjacencies, and visitor serving elements.

Reiss Design Studio has developed a unique skill-set that few in the world possess, allowing for informed design of winery facilities. Reiss Design Studio's experience ranges from the design of 5,000 case capacity boutique wineries to 150,000 case capacity state-of-the-art production facilities, including projects that are LEED certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and as far away as China. No winery is too large or too small, too close or too far!