Parrish Winery Production Barn

Production Barn

Parrish Winery production barn


Adelaida, California

This 10,000 square foot Production Barn is designed to evoke the quintessential triple-aisle agrarian barn, and is home to the winery, which includes a covered outdoor crush pad, fermentation and barrel rooms, and winemaking support spaces. This facility is able to produce 10,000 to 15,000 cases per year. The pre-engineered steel building is clad in redwood and has a corrugated steel roof with solar panels and clerestory windows.

Project Team
Civil Engineer- Wallace Group
Electrical Engineer- Power and Communications Engineering
Environmental Engineer- Terra Verde Environmental
Fire Protection Engineer- Collings and Associates
General Contractor- Rarig Construction
Geotechnical Engineer- Earth System Pacific
Interior Designer- Clark Design Studio
Kitchen Designer- Robert Rooze
Landscape Architect- CM Design
Land Use Planning- Kirk Consulting
Mechanical/Plumbing- 3C Engineering
Structural Engineer- Smith Structural Group
Photographer- Yvonne Goll

Fermentation Room
RDS-Parrish Production Barn.JPG
Barrel Room
RDS-Parrish Production Barn.jpg
RDS-Parrish Production Barn.jpg

RDS-Parrish Production Barn Floor Plan.jpg

Production Barn Floor Plan


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