San Luis Obispo Library

Glass Wall Entry Atrium

San Luis Obispo Library


San Luis Obispo, California

Project Team
Contractor- J.G Contracting
Electrical Engineer- Power and Communications Engineering

This 31,600 square foot, 3-story library renovation features a dramatic entry atrium, an enlarged and brilliantly colored children’s area, artistic way-finding signage, and 1,800 square feet of interior space repurposed for public use. 

San Luis Obispo Library won the Mayor's Award at the 29th Annual Beautification Awards! It is such an honor to have been a part of this wonderful project.

Front Desk
Adults Section
Children’s Reading Area
Artistic Wrap Around Mural
Children’s Reading Nook
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Upstairs Seating Area

RDS-SLO Library 1st Floor.jpg

First Floor

RDS-SLO Library 2nd Floor.png

Second Floor

SLO Library 3rd Floor.png

Third Floor


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