Winery and hospitality 

Wine production and enotourism (tourism that focuses on the tasting, consumption, or purchase of wine), has been exponentially increasing in the last two decades. “Informed Design” of winery facilities has become a necessity both from state-of-the-art production and unique guest experience standpoints. Reiss Design Studio specializes in creating wineries, hospitality, and event spaces that thrive in enotourism regions. The government regulations surrounding these types of commercial visitor-serving projects can become quite complex due to zoning and accessibility requirements. Reiss Design Studio works with owners to maximize project design potential, navigate jurisdictional codes, and work within desired budgets.


Custom homes are special, due to the personalization that occurs. Owners often have clear ideas of elements to include and omit in their "dream home" and need an architect to piece together the vision, bring design expertise, and provide guidance through the regulation process of governing jurisdictions. Whether the design intent is contemporary or traditional, expansive or modest, Reiss Design Studio brings experience, design sophistication, and excellent communication to the team. Creation of a residential space that exceeds expectations brings our team unique satisfaction because of the personal impact of the project.



Successful civic architecture is design for the people. It requires understanding human tendencies, cultural framework specific to the place, historical significance, and embodiment of the dreams of the collective community being served. Through meetings, open forums, presentations, and research, Reiss Design Studio is able to extract important data and capture feedback that informs design, helping communities create and leave legacies for future generations. 



The team at Reiss Design Studio is so blessed to live in this time and place–we feel it is our responsibility to give back to others. Our team is encouraged to be active in humanitarian architecture throughout the world and use the gifts that we have been given to improve the lives of other people. Shelter is a basic human need, but architecture can change a simple structure into a special place that brings comfort and hope in even the most desperate situations.