Morro Bay Library

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Morro Bay Library


Morro Bay, California

Project Team
Contractor- T. Simons Co., Inc.
Electrical Engineer- Grey Electrical Consulting + Engineering, LLC
Mechanical Engineer- Brummel Mechanical Engineering, LLP
Structural Engineer- Lampman & Associates

This 6,760 square foot, single story library remodel features a unification of the existing library spaces. Beautiful feature walls are a nod to Morro Bay’s coastal heritage. Improved circulation and space allocation help to serve the needs of the library’s staff and patrons.

RDS-Morro Bay Library.jpg
RDS-Morro Bay Library.jpg
RDS-Morro Bay Library.jpg
I have always loved libraries and Morro Bay’s beauty. Now you have a place for lovers of books to meet beautiful architecture and excellent resources for learning & pleasure. THANK YOU!!
— Library Patron
Children’s Reading Area

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floor plan


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